by Sandy

I was surprised to hear that Jendays are considered poor talkers, because mine has about a 21-word vocabulary, which she uses frequently. Her first word was "pretty" (announced when I took her to see Christmas lights) and she knows *exactly* what it means! She calls me "Mommy", and summons me imperiously.

I guess she's the "idiot savante" of Jendays, because while she virtually never flies (unless I loft her home toward her cage), and never leaves the cage except to climb on top, and will not eat anything but pellets, millet and grapes (though she gleefully shreds veggies and nuts like toys), she also does what I was told they NEVER do: "perpetual toddlers, self-absorbed and noisy," this one has learned what "quiet" means, and after a few weeks of training, "Quiet! Mommy's sleeping!) she actually delays her morning calling until I'm up! It took us about five years to discover this, but it's wonderful! She also laid an egg after eight years! Egg-bound on her second one, it was scary and expensive ($200, with an original estimate of up to $950 or more at the emergency vet). I've had to tell her I am *not* her girlfriend. I hope she gets it.

Engaged when I got her (try to keep the relationship together), but no longer, I am distressed that I don't have enough time and attention for her. But she has coped perfectly--no feather-plucking or other signs of distress, and as long as I call to her, or respond, throughout the day, she is happy with a few bouts of personal attention a few minutes at a time per day.

She has learned to meow, purr, quack, and bark, all from the original animals. Once, she gave me a concert of samples of each. :) She also puts together small sentences of words she's never heard together before. "Mommy! C'mere! Gimme a treat!" (She's heard "gimme a kiss" and "do you want a treat?" but never "gimme a treat!" She's also said "Mommy, you're good!" It's her way of saying "thank you". (I've said "you're a good girl" and "you're sweet", but never "you're good". Her way of saying "I love you" is "gimme a kiss!" She's said "I love you" a few times, but it's a mutter and is hard for her, so she prefers her own words. Nearly daily she will say "Mommy very sweet; very pretty!" You've gotta keep someone around who tells you that every day! She mutters long paragraphs in her announcer voice to mimic the radio, and I swear a few times I've heard her mutter "excellent service!"

She has the world's greatest name, but I never give it out because it's my password. But really, it's the world's greatest name! :)

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May 05, 2010
by: Linda

WHAT A WONDERFUL STORY!!! You are an exceptional Mommie, and your efforts at training and caring for your little bird is some of the best work I've read about in a long, long time! She is happy with you, and you have a treasure in her worth more than worldly riches because you have managed to become best friends with a parrot! The Jendays are noted for being some of the biggest screamers in the Conure world, and yet, we can see here that it IS possible to live happily with one.

As for vocabulary, never believe what you hear, because we have two Red-Lored Amazons who "were supposed to be the worst talkers in the Amazon family". Well, the female only says a nice, clear Hello, and the male has a large vocabulary like yours, and puts sentences together as well to ask for what he wants or to talk to himself. His mate's name is Stella Eloise, and he can say a rendition of that! It sounds like Stea Eowee, and I give him a blue ribbon for trying on that one.

Your little girl is very lucky to have come to your home, and hopefully, you both will have a lifetime of closeness and laughter, and a few tears from the sound of the vet bill you had to pay to keep her alive.

You and your baby girl are an inspiration to everyone reading your letter, and when you can, please post a pix of her, and call her Madame X if you want to. She will herein be known as that, and her real name remains one of those close kept secrets. Give her a little kisso from me, okay?

Thanks again for your letter, and she is eating a good diet with most of it being pellets, so you are good there too. What a joy it is to hear from a bird's happy pet such as yourself! You have gone willingly into being owned by a parrot, and kudos to YOU! HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO YOU AS WELL BECAUSE WE ARE MOTHER'S IN EVERY SENSE OF THE WORD!!!


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