by Carol

Jenday sitting on her eggs should we not disturb her at all until eggs hatch. She had eggs before and they disappeared don't know if she ate them or another jenday we have only the pair together now oh I looked in nest box and one egg is gone

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Jun 04, 2015
Jenday laying eggs
by: Tracie

If the bird is sitting on them, don't remove them unless they are cracked. (If the bird eats a rotten egg, it could get very sick.)

I strongly suggest that you call a good breeder in your area, and offer to come an help them so you can learn more about breeding birds. All kinds of things can go wrong, and it is best to have both experience AND a relationship with other breeders to collaborate on best practices.

Make sure you are feeding high quality pellets, so the hen doesn't become egg bound. We have all kinds of helpful articles about nutrition and training on our Parrot Training page

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