Jendaya Conure Flew Away

by Lindie Moore
(Middelburg, South Africa)

Can a Jendaya Conure find it's way back home? Something gave him a fright while he was out his cage and he flew out the door. I'm hoping our beloved Huye will come back on his own. I've left his cage outside.

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Oct 06, 2009
Flew Away
by: Linda

Unfortunately, your bird will most likely not come back. Once birds get above their homes, they become lost and cannot find their way home. They can't smell their way home like a dog or cat, so they are lost. You can put some flyers up around your neighborhood and in town and in your Avian vet's offices because your bird will eventually get cold and hungry and fly down to someone who he hopes will feed him and take him inside to be safe and warm.

In future, you need to have your bird's wings clipped some to keep them from attaining height if they accidentally fly outside. Just have vet clip the Primary feathers (those on the first or bottom level of wings). Do not allow anyone to clip up any farther as this causes birds pain and can cripple them. Just the first layer is all that needs clipping. This allows them to glide down instead of dropping like a rock and being hurt. It also keeps them from flying up and away.

So, start looking for your little birdy, and these little birds can fly miles away before they tire and have to land somewhere. They fly fast and far, so get the word out for miles around. An ad in a local newspaper would be of great help.ALSO OFFER A SMALL REWARD FOR ANYONE WHO HAS TAKEN YOUR BIRD IN.


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