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Oct 03, 2009
by: Cristie

I have had a cockatiel for twelve years and would like to add a conure to my family. My cockatiel is flighted and only goes into his cage to eat throughout the day and at night to sleep. I would like my conure to be out and about all day as well. Do conures chew your furniture and if so cn they be trained not to?
Thank you.

Editor's note: First, you posted a question as comment and it is likely to go unanswered. You can post your questions under Parrot Questions on this website. Second, "yes" conures will chew furniture and you just have to keep them with you so that you do not let them chew things that they should not chew. They can and will die if you allow them to chew what they want.

Jan 24, 2009
Joe's escape
by: Lily

Yes it is very true that your bird can still escape with clipped wings. I should have added that you should be very close to your bird all the time when he/she is outside. I usually sit no further then 5 feet from Joe when he is playing outside.
If you are worried about wild birds infecting your parrot then bring your birds perch or cage outside for them to sit on. They aren't likely to catch anything unless they are in contact with a bird or where a sick bird has been.

Joe has escaped from me twice! The first time he had clipped wings and I was standing on a dock. Something startled him and he glided out over the water! Getting lower and lower he finally splashed in! I jumped in after him (it was November in Washington) We where both very cold and I spent a long time blow drying him.
The second time he escaped he was about a year old and didn't have clipped wings. He flew out the door and up up and away into a Douglas fur tree about half a mile from my house. I desperately tried to get him to come to me. He tried but didn't know how to land.
For three days (in the summer) he sat in the tree and laughed and barked. At some point a bald eagle landed in the same tree! Joe barked at him!!! I was so afraid! The eagle was confused I think, and flew away.
After a total of 4 days Joe finally crash landed on my neighbors head.
He was sooooo hungry and tired. He drug his wings for a few days.
But I am happy to say he is alive and still barking!(I am much more careful about leaving the house now!)

Jan 24, 2009
Caution when taking Conure outside
by: Tracie

Thank you so much for sharing such great information.

I do want to caution you, and anyone who reads this, that you can still lose your bird when taking them outside!

Many people lose their birds with clipped wings outside. A good breeze could carry your bird away and your bird could get attacked by another animal or just get lost.

Also, there are many bird diseases that wild birds carry that your bird could get from being where they land.

I know of one person that almost lost their bird to a hawk. They even had their bird in a flight suit, so it couldn't fly away, and the hawk dived and just missed the bird.

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