Joe the Quaker Parrot

by Gail
(Reno, NV, USA)



My name is Gail and we have an 8 month old Quaker Parrot named Joe (I call him Joseph or bubba). He loves my husband and I but he cuddles more with me.

My husband spends time every evening with him while watching TV just scratching his head and rocking in the recliner. He will give kisses to my neighbor, Tanja, so he will go to others as long as he has seen them before, but he does growl at strangers. He also growls if something new comes in the kitchen or if something isn't where it belongs. It's funny...

When I'm at home, I talk to him all the time. He talks up a storm! He says:

Good boyyyyy
Are you being a good boy?
Be a good boy!
Gimmy a kiss and thank you when you do
Here Kitty Kitty
Where's the kitty?
Spanky! (the dog)
He barks like the dog
Peek a Boo
What are you doing?
He whistles Bridge over the River Kwai (he's almost got it)
He mimics our pepper grinder perfect
Bunches of other things I'm just not recognizing yet

He keeps very busy just playing with everything on and in his cage. He tries to build with his sticks but they keep falling off the top of the cage. When I pick them up off the floor for him, he will say "Thank you!" and keep on trying. He is sooo wonderful! We just love him.