julie in Texas - socialize Amazon parrot?

by julie wiggins
(fort worth, tx.)

Double Yellow Head Amazon - Gypsy

Double Yellow Head Amazon - Gypsy

My 5 year old Double Yellow Head Amazon, Gypsy is just my baby, I live alone with my 2 other parrots, a quaker and african meyer. I take Gypsy with me to work all of the time so that she could be used to being around other people and still she becomes overly excited and sometimes charges at the other people.

The breeder said to leave her behind my desk and that should help but I so want her to be able to step up to other people but she is very much a one person bird. The birth certificate says she is a female but the breeder says her behavior sounds more like a male.

my question is do I continue to try to socialize her or not to push it

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Aug 17, 2009
socialize amazon parrot
by: julie

thank you so much for responding. I thought I was doing the right thing trying to keep her social so that if anything every happened to me she would be able to fit in another situation.

I had decided over the weekend that she did not need to come up here anymore even though everyone still loves her. She has a wonderful set up at my house and full attention in the morning and when I get home and she could not be a better bird at home. Thanks again so much

Aug 14, 2009
by: Linda

Well, you are pushing her way too much. First of all, the Amazons are not as much people birds as some of the others. Most parrots of any species are very leary of strangers, and this is what you want. People carry all kinds of germs and bacteria that can be very harmful to your bird, so keep them away from your bird.

Parrots DO NOT need to be handled by every person who comes along as this is a good way for the bird to become a nervous biter as well as sick with infections.

If you have other birds at home for company, I suggest you only take your Amazon in every once in a while and that you put her behind your desk and ask people to keep their distance. Birds are small and are afraid of new people and things, so stop pushing her to be what you want and let her be who she wants to be.

If you keep pushing her, she will start biting you and other people. She could also start plucking her feathers because she is stressed and nervous and unable to feel comfortable.

She is not a circus act and should never be treated like one. Leave her at home with her other bird friends and she will be very grateful to you for that. I'd also take her into an Avian Vet in your area to be checked for bacterial infection as soon as you can. Birds can pick up people's colds, from coughing, sneezing and/or just them breathing on birds not to mention dirty hands which can carry thousands if not millions of germs and bacteria. Just take her in for a checkup and then start leaving her at home most of the time as she needs peace and quiet and not so much stress or she will become a bird you do not like or one that is sick all the time.


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