just got a nanday conure

by bonnie dansereau
(easthampton,mass u.s.a.)

i just got a nanday conure it had a broken wing (the person that had it before me got it that way) i would like any info you or your readers may have about nanday conures like how long do they live,how to tell gender,and best kind of food for them thank you for your time bonnie

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Aug 20, 2008
by: Anonymous

suns and cherry heads and mitered are all clowns and very entertaining! Even though all conures don't talk , they make up for non vocalization with their dances and noises, clicks and coos!

Aug 20, 2008
New Nanday
by: Kralice4u

This is my all time favorite kind of bird. I breed Nanday/Jenday hybrids.
I am sorry to hear about the broken wing. I have repaired broken wings of many birds that people bring to me, but I have years of experience in this. I would suggest that you make a visit to a vet to have this checked out.
Nandays tend to live anywhere from 15-30 years depending on how they are in captivity.
Most pet birds eat a seed diet, but I would suggest you doing some research on the internet as to how to introduce pellets, veggies, and fruit into its diet.These are also a necesity for a healthy bird. You can also find the foods to avoid that are toxic to your bird.
I wish you the best with your new feathered companion. Conures are wonderful little entertainers. By the way, what kind do you have?

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