Just got a new lovebird about 2 weeks ago,put him in with another lovebird and now he has bald spots around his neck?

by Catt



I recently got another lovebird as a companion for my existing lovebird. I let them out together and they took to each other right away. Grooming each other, kissing and sat right next to each other. After about a week I put them in together.

Within the last week, I noticed they are getting along but do not sit together anymore and the new bird is developing a bald spot around its neck.
He is constantly preening himself in that area and his skin is starting to look irittated.

I read up on diet and I have started to add vitamin drops to the water and started giving more fruits and veggies. They eat a mix of seed and zupreem, more zupreem with less seed.

I was wondering if I should try an aloe vera spray or if I should rush him right to the vet? I am worried because it appears as if this bald spot is getting bigger. Would I be able to tell if he had mites and how? He is almost 3 years old.

Im thinking of separating them again. I have 4 lovebirds total and they all are in good health with the exception of this one with his feather problem.
Thanks you in advance.

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May 23, 2015
I have the same problem with bald spots
by: DeeDee

I bought a baby lovebird and slowly introduced my birds. We separate them when they are not supervised. But the baby bird has two small bald spot right under the cheeks, I only see them when I rumb around the neck area. I was wondering if it might be stress and if she was doing it to herself. My next step is the vet.

Sep 18, 2013
re: my bird
by: Anonymous

Thank you, you sounded a little mean at first, lol, I see your heart is in the right place.
I just wanted to clear a few things up. That is not the cage they dwell in, that is the cage I kept the bird in before I first put them together. She is back in there now. This is when I first introduced them. Non stop loving each other. They were sharing a big black cage.
Also, the bald spot is not on the back of the neck, it is in the front right underneath her beak and she is constantly preening herself there.
That is why I was very confused about what was going on. They were extremely loving with each other, then she seemed to be preening alot, bald spot developed and they sat apart. They never even nip at each other. I thought maybe it was too many changes too soon. Change in household, change in living situation, aquiring a companion and sharing living space.
Thanks for the advice on the food, I will be sure to get that. I dumped the vitamin water and have not put it in since. You have given me alot of useful information. I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.

Sep 17, 2013
Just got a new lovebird about 2 weeks ago,put him in with another lovebird and now he has bald spots around his neck?
by: Linda

Okay, enough with all the incorrect advice. Your bird is being plucked by the other bird and I believe he will eventually kill the new bird. The cage you sent a picture of is barely large enough for one bird much less two. I recommend you remove him immediately to a cage of his own, and I think you will see improvement in the bald spot in a few months. However, keep in mind, when birds are plucked a lot over a period of time, the areas will remain bald forever. I have an Amazon male who has been plucked by his mate to the point where he will never have feathers on the back of his neck again. They are separated now, but the damage was done before I caught her hurting him.

As for food, feed Harrisons organic pellets which are found here. Get the correct size for your birds. Do not put vitamins in the water because synthetic vitamins cannot even be used by birds' bodies or other animals and are a waste of money. Feed your birds a high quality organic pellet like Harrisons and do not feed human food or any type of animal protein which will cause imbalance in diet. ZuPreem is crap food as is Lafaebers and many other pelleted diets all of which contain dangerous chemicals for preservatives, dyes and sugars. Buy only certified organic like Harrisons which is the best on the market in the US.

So, to sum up, get new bird into his own cage. Buy Harrisons organic pellets for all your birds because they are a 100% nutrition. Harrisons pellets are "cold extruded" instead of using heat leaving in all the valuable proteins, vitamins and minerals birds need to live long, healthy lives. I've fed Harrisons to my birds for many years' and they don't get sick which saves money on vet bills and medicines.

As for mites, you probably do not have mites. The back of the neck loss of feathers is the other bird. Lovebirds are very aggressive birds and will not hesitate to kill each other. Your cage is too small, and the other bird will kill this one if you don't get him out of there.

Thanks for writing, and hopefully I did not sound "mean" to you. I'm just setting the record straight in light of all the questionable advice you received. Please know that my heart is in the right place which is with you and your birds and nothing else matters in this case.


Sep 17, 2013
bald spot
by: Anonymous

There was no apparent signs of mites when the bird came to the house. It didnt have a bald spot either.
As far as the diet goes, I had zupreem recommended to me by a breeder so I figured it was a good thing. I always had parakeets and they lived for many years on seed. I was trying to give these guys something better.
The part I read up on was the fruits and veggies. Are those alright? Or are those full of sugar too?
I took it upon myself to add drops of vitamins to the water when she started losing feather I read it could be a lack of vitamins. Apparently that was wrong too. Thanks for the info, its appreciated.

Editor's note: Fruits and Veggies are fine, as long as they are only a part of the 20% treats. When you look at the measurement for pellets, then 20% of that amount can be added as treats, and that isn't much. Make sure the veggies and fruit have not been fed or sprayed with chemicals.

Sep 17, 2013
Missing feathers
by: Anonymous

Could your new bird have brought mites with it???

Sep 17, 2013
bald spot
by: Alex

One of my female budgies developed a bald spot,and this caused great discomfort.

The best option is to get this treated as soon as possible.

Sep 16, 2013
Bird with bald spots on neck
by: Tracie

I am not sure where you "read up" on lovebird diets, but vitamin drops are potentially deadly. Get your advice from your avian vet, because he/she has examined your bird and knows exactly what your bird needs.

The best way to feed your bird is 80% high quality pellets and only 20% treats. Please read this Switching Birds To Pellets article for help in converting your bird to a healthy diet.

ZuPreem pellets are NOT high quality pellets. ZuPreem has lots of sugar which can cause yeast infections and can lead to digestive problems. Also all of the artificial ingredients can cause problems too. (Including plucking.)

Separating the birds is a good idea until your avian vet has given the bird a clean bill of health. If your bird is found to have a disease, you will need to bring the other bird in also.

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