just hatched orange canaries

by daisy brooks
(manassas va usa)

Do i do anything to the baby birds?do i have to feed them by hand or just let the parents do it? do i put in speacial food inside the cage?

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Feb 15, 2012
just hatched orange canaries
by: Linda

Canaries usually feed their babies. The parents need good, high quality feed mix. Make sure they have a source of grit and calcium in a separate dish as softbill birds have to have grit to digest their food. Some dark green or orange/yellow veggies are good in very small amounts. Cook them first(steam not boil) so they are easier to digest, and then dice them up into very small pieces. Once breeding is over, you can offer veggies a few times a week. Dark green Romaine lettuce, orange and yellow squash and possibly a very little bit of baked sweet potato. Stop the sweet potato after breeding is done because it is very rich. Leave off Spinich because it can interfere with calcium uptake.

Also, take out the nest when they are finished weaning these babies. Birds should not be bred more than once a year because it is very hard on the hen and wears her body down, and she will become sick. If you have to, separate them into two cages to keep anymore breeding from taking place.

Also, once the babies are weaned, they have to be moved into separate cages. Each bird in its own cage. You don't want brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers breeding together as offspring will be mentally and physically damaged. Do some study about your birds too as we never stop learning something new about our birds, which makes it more fun.


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