Juvenile Muscovy

by Michael
(Huntsville, Alabama, United States)

My girlfriend bought two muscovy from her work and they have grown very large. One has a full wing span of about three or four feet and the other still has baby size wings.

The one with baby size wings also has no feathers on the tip of his wing and up the outside edge is also bald. He also still has baby feather on his back starting from his neck and ending just before his tail. He seems perfectly happy and it hasn't affected his eating, sleeping, or swimming habits and he is still very active and playful.

I was wondering if the baldness, and size of his wing was a medical concern and should I take him to a vet to be checked out?

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Oct 08, 2011
Duck needs an avian vet
by: The Avian Vet

Yes, you should have him checked by an avian veterinarian. This could be a nutritional problem, or caused by a virus, or be a genetic problem. It may also be a that this bird is younger (least likely). There are many things that may have caused this. It warrants a veterinary exam.

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Dr B

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