kakariki beaks keeps growing

by david thompson
(hobart tasmania)

i have a female kakariki i have cut her beak but it still grows

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May 16, 2015
Growing beak
by: Anonymous

I have a five year old Quaker parrot and I have to take it to my avian vet four times a year for a beak trim. I have never tried to trim it myself because if you do it wrong, the beak could split. The vet had ruled out liver disease and said there might have been some trauma to the beak at some point in the birds' life. This is a rescue bird that lived in an abusive home, so I don't know what might have happened to it before it came to me.

May 13, 2015
overgrowth of beak
by: Tracie

This is often a sign of liver disease, so you need to have the bird checked by an avian vet. Usually this happens when the bird is on a high seed diet.

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