kakariki fights

by marknatjosh
(carlisle/ cumbria)

Hi. my two kakariki had eggs last year. she is now around 6 months old. she doesnt like to fly very much unlike her mum and dad who are out for most of the day. I have had her to vets for exrays an check ups and ther is nothing wrong with her.

In the last few months, dad has started realyl attacking the baby for no apparent reason. im at my whits end with him and have tried all sorts to try and stop it. mum and dad mate well and regular. so i dont think its too much testosterone. can any one help?

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Dec 06, 2011
kakariki fights
by: Linda

Your problem here is with nature itself. All bird pairs raise up baby birds to leave the nest when they are old enough to be taught to find their own food. The mistake here is leaving one of the babies in same cage with the parents. Why they have not already killed this bird is a mystery, and once they have a nest of eggs, this bird's life will be in danger.

Always remove all babies into separate cages, and I mean a cage for each bird because you do not want siblings breeding together as this produces inferior, sick babies with emotional, physical and mental problems. It is called inbrreeding, and babies are not worth having from a breeding like this.


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