kakarikiki pairing

I have a kakariki and Im looking for another mate.not interested in breeding just another mate.any ideas.

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Mar 31, 2011
kakarikiki pairing
by: Linda

If you are not interested in breeding, then get another female. You won't be able to put two males together as they will eventually fight. You'll need to keep new female in her own cage until she and the other bird become acquainted. All parrots do not like all parrots, so do not put any new bird into your present bird's cage until you know if they get along or not.

As for finding a new bird, I suggest you find a breeder in your area instead of trying any pet stores because birds from most pet stores are already sick.

All new birds have to be seen by an Avian Vet before they come home to keep from spreading any infections or diseases they may have. Infections are highly contageous and then you'll end up taking both birds to avian vet at twice the cost, so make sure new bird is healthy and have the one you already have examined to make sure it is not sick with any infections that are not showing yet.

The internet is full of information about breeders, and you may be able to find a breeder close by in the search.

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