Kalanii the Sun Conure

by sammy

Sun Conure, Sammy

Sun Conure, Sammy

Kalanii was my beautiful sun conure. she was so full of life, loved hanging upside down by one foot & swinging around, loved giving kisses & climbing up her toys in the window. also, she was the watch bird, she knew how everything in the house was supposed to be & when something was out of line, she would scream & yell until it was set straight, but other than that she wasn't a noisy bird.

beside a few minor chewing bad habits, she was always a great pet, very cuddly. she only cuddled & slept with me, she picked her favorite blanket & everything, whenever i would bring the blanket out she knew it was nap time & would dart under it & start attempting to sing. very friendly, let just about anyone pick her up & play with her, unless it was someone i didn't like & she could tell i didn't like them, even the house cat, who is normally scared of all the pets we have had growing up, would let her go up to him & check him out & sometimes would cuddle together.

along with all her cuddlyness, friendliness, & slight minor faults, she played one of the most major parts in my life. normally when i'm in my house, it doesn't matter how many people are in my house, i'd still feel lonely & unhappy. until i brought her into my life, i depended on her just like she was dependent on me. she filled my house with happiness for me.

on january 6th, 2011 i woke up to her next to me dead, & i miss her so much, i felt like she was my soul animal & i know she's still around in some shape or form. you got your set of permanent full set of wings baby, i'll see you soon enough <3

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Jan 14, 2011
A free bird now
by: Reena


I know that no matter how much i try and console you right now no one will ever fill in Kalanii's place in your life. I lost my Mitoo 2 days ago on 13th Jan 2011 @ 3.30 am ( India - Mumbai ) my birdy was with me only for 18 days. but in these 18 days it made me want to come home to her.

She was too little to make chirpy sounds but tried to do a little chirping now and then. And all of a sudden on 11th Jan she stopped eating and making those subtle noises. And 2 days later when i woke up in the morning to see hw my birdy was doing, saw he stiff.

I miss my birdy a lot... bt knw shez somwhr better and happy too. The sad part is i cudnt b around when she was going but i am gona cherish her memories ( even if they were just for those 18 days ) forever.

Please tk cr and in a few days find yourself a new birdy to share your love and care with.

Smiles :-)

Jan 13, 2011
Kalanii the Sun Conure
by: Anonymous

I feel so sad for you. Perhaps you can get a new baby parrot to help you in your grief. Or maybe even a rescue bird who really needs you.

Jan 13, 2011
Sorry for your loss
by: Donna

SI am very sorry for your loss -- you post made me feel so sad for you. Our Conures are so special and such a part of our lives. How old was your bird? Do you have any idea what caused her to pass?

Again, so for your loss.

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