kaylee - breeding question

by DEE

I HAVE A GREEN MALE PARROTLET AND A WHITE (pale blue) what color babies can i expect?

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Sep 16, 2009
by: Linda

Well, I'm not sure if this will work like with the Cockatiels, but I'll explain about them anyway. We bred a White Lutino Mail to a normal Gray female, and we had only 3 eggs hatch. Two of the babies were the normal gray coloring, and one was white. The normal looking gray ones were also sex-linked back to the white, so when they were bred to a white male/female, and 4 eggs hatched, we had 2 normal looking grays and 2 whites.

To begin, ALWAYS use a normal colored bird with any of the other colors or mutations as they call them. This may take longer to get the colors you want, and the birds will be stronger, healthier for your trouble. Breeding two blues, whites, yellows together waters down the gene pool and opens the door for a lot of recessive characteristics to come out, and the birds are sometimes sickly and not as long lived.

In your case, if the genetics work same as with the Cockatiel mutations, you could have 1 white/blue, if you have 4 babies. Most of them will look like your normal green parrotlet. Theoretically, you could also breed those normal looking birds with other regular normal birds and come out with a color in there. If anyone out there knows more about this, feel free to jump right in, and the above is my experience with the sex-linked mutations.


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