kc - green cheek conure attacking

my boyfriends green ck conure is attacking me all of a sudden and we were very close before this is there something I can do to fix the problem I love Birdie and I need her to know this

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Jan 27, 2009
Green Cheek Conure attacking - solution
by: Tracie

This has happened to me too. When we first got our GC's they both loved me. I am the one with them all day long and I am the one that cares for them.

Once day they decided they hated me and loved my husband and liked my daughter. I didn't get offended, they are birds not people.

Since my husband was "top bird" to them, he asked me not to try to hold them when he was not in the room. So when he would get home we would have "be nice" training sessions. LOL

My husband would get one of the birds out and then try to pass the bird to me. The bird would open it's beak and lung at me. He would bring the bird eye to eye with him and glare at the bird. Then he would say "Noooooo" in a gentle, low voice.

If the bird tried to bite me the second time, and she did for days, he would say "noooo" again and just put the bird back in the cage and turn his back on the cage and walk away.

The birds finally figured out if they wanted him they had to be nice to me. ;-) Eventually the came to tolerate me when he wasn't home. I can hold them for about a minute before they act like they are going to bite me, but they do NOT bite me most of the time. I respect that they don't want me and put them back on the cage.

Also, both birds are cage territorial and will bite anyone that touches the cage, even to open the food doors and put in food.

I hope this helps.

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