keep my gray parrot hungry for 2 days

by Flew
(Tripoli, Libya)

I have heard that if you want your parrot to get use to you. you have to keep him/her hungry for 2days and then try to give him food by hand. is this right?
also they screaming once I get close to them. note that they are around 2 years old that's what the shopper says.

please advice me as I am so happy that I have 2 of Gray African parrot with red tails. another question please, how do I know their genders?

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Apr 24, 2012
Keep my Grey parrot hungry for 2 days
by: Anonymous

Who ever told you to starve your birds was a moron. You never starve a bird. This will only make them more agressive towards you. Your birds are screaming because they are hungry and scared. Birds can loose weight FAST! Birds process food rapidly, therefore need constant food supply.

Hand feeding is a good idea, however you don't need to starve your birds.

Make sure the birds have plenty of food and water in thier cage at all times. Hand feed the birds treats they might like, such as fresh fruits and veggies. Or treats made just for birds.

Right now they need time to relax, a new home means alot of stress. There's new surroundings, smells, noises and people. Give the birds a couple weeks to relax. Keep the 2 yr olds away from the birds. children scare birds with thier quick movements and noises. New birds need a quiet place, lots of food.

Make sure the birds have seperate cages, this will prevent them from hurting each other, especially when hand feeding them.

You can get your birds SEXED (find out the sex) by having a DNA test done. There's a couple ways to do this. I suggest asking a vet to do a blood DNA sample, by having the nail clipped and blood wiped on a card. It will be sent out, and sex will be determined.

I suggest that people do find out the sex of their birds not for breeding reasons, but to help better understand the bird during mating season, ie: by trying to limit sunlight to prevent the female from laying eggs and ending up egg bound.

Breeding is not a good idea if that's what you're looking to do. It's costs a lot of money, and a lot of vet bills, special food, special nesting, and a lot of time! It's not a good idea especially if you have small children in the home, they could injure the baby birds, or be injured by the adult birds.

If the shopkeeper told you to starve your birds, this makes me wonder if he sold you healthy birds or not. Any experienced bird seller would never give you that advice, and would make sure their birds are healthy before being put up for sale. I would suggest taking both your birds to an Avian vet to ensure they are healthy. While there ask for DNA testing.
If you're looking to breed, don't.
Youre obviously new to having birds if you dont know about sexing a bird, or about how to bring a new bird home. WHich means your knowlege is still very limited, and proves you should not breed.

I'm sorry the shopkeeper gave you bad advice. Now go give your birds some food. :) Good luck!

Apr 23, 2012
keep my gray parrot hungry for 2 days
by: Linda

As the previous writer said, you cannot ever, ever starve your birds because this can result in death. Please inform the shop keeper that they are wrong and may be the cause of people losing their birds. Speak with the manager of shop if necessary because this bad advice is hurting countless birds sold from this shop.

Your birds need time to adjust to you, and you have to earn a parrot's trust as it is not freely given. Being that you have two together, they will probably never become tame. You can try putting them in separate cages and work with them one at a time. With two of them in same cage, they will continue to scream and will not allow you to tame them. They have each other and have less of a need for you when they are together like this. They also need to be examined by an Avian Vet because I would bet on the fact they are sick with some kind of infection and birds do not get over infections without being diagnosed and treated by only an Avian Vet. Without exam, diagnosis and treatment, birds die from infections.

It is always best to get one bird at a time, get it to trust you and then maybe get another bird.

If you are thinking of breeding, forget about it. Breeding is very expensive and very complicated. Also there are too many birds on the markets, and most of them end up in horrible homes. Do every parrot in the world a favor and do not even think of breeding. There is NO money in it if you feed your birds correctly, take them to Avian Vet when sick or injured and once a year for annual checkups. If you don't intend doing any of that, you don't need birds in the first place. Feeding them high quality oganic pellets, giving them regular medical services from ONLY an Avian Vet and making sure they are kept in large and safe cages costs money and takes much time.

As previous writer suggested, get started on your studies about your birds as there is much to know about their physical well being and even more to know about their natural behaviors.

I am very happy for you that you have these birds, but unless you are willing to take good care of them, they will die, so do your very best to give them a happy home and a healthy life.


Apr 23, 2012
by: Anonymous

Don't starve the birds. The shop keeper has given you bad advise. You should feed your greys as you would normally any other bird, in bowls & by hand. Starving the birds will only cause them stress & will not trust you. You need to earn the birds trust. This takes a lot of time, can be weeks but you need to have a lot of patients & a lot of time. Leave the birds to adjust in the cage for about a week without giving them any hands on. You can talk to them, sit with them, eat with them but keep your hands away from them. This time they need as a settling in period. After a week you can then start trying to handle them. Again patients, time & be very gentle with them. If you see they look uncomfortable with something then stop.

You can't tell their gender by looking at them. The only way is by DNA. If you have an avian vet close to you take them to get them checked over & DNA test to tell what gender they are.

Also google african grey parrots. There is a wealth of information out there specifically for these birds. These sites will be helpful to you. Good luck with your birds.

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