Keeping a plucker from being cold at night

by Chris Haydel
(New Orleans)

How does one keep a bird that is a plucker warm on a cold winter night?

I use a heating pad on top of the cage cover (bird cannot get to electrical cord) with a thick cloth bath mat on top (heat is directed into cage) with the setting on medium.

I am looking for other suggestions.

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May 06, 2012
Plucking parrots
by: Suzanne

The first person got it backwards. The Sock Buddy is made to protect parrots who pluck form injury, and to help grow back their feathers, it also protects them year round from cold. A plucked bird cannot regulate their temperature even in summer.
They use valuable calories (25-50%) more just to keep warm. remember, birds are covered with down, and then feathers on top of that.Parrots have no fat to cushion their skin, so it is dangerously thin without feathers, and should be protected from falls.
Many parrots mutilate too. All of these behaviors are a result of captivity, period. Rarely are these birds otherwise sick, once they grow back feathers, they can gain weight and be healthier overall.

Jan 19, 2012
sock budy
by: Anonymous

Keeping house at a specific certain isn't always easy for every home so alternatives are a better move. Remember, a plucker is also bare. It has no feathers for protection as any other parrot would have.

Google 'sock buddy'. This is a knit or an old sock with wing & head holes cut into it. It's made specifically made for feather pluckers in winter. It keeps them warm & as a bonus it can help them to grow their feathers back as they're not able to pluck with sock buddy on.

You can also make a simple 'cloth' that does the same thing. It's a rectangle square of material, big enough to wrap around the birds body, excluding it's wings. You really only need to cover the front of the body. Then attach strings to each corner. These strings, tied together over the back will protect the bird. But it only protects the front.

Jan 18, 2012
Keeping a plucker from being cold at night
by: Linda

If your home is kept at a steady 70 degrees F, you will not need the heating pad because to leave them on for an entire night is very dangerous. Heating pads are to be used when people are around to make sure they function properly.

Also, heating pad will do better underneath the cage instead of on top. Heat rises, so with it underneath and cage covered, bird will stay warm, and you may can lower it to low instead of medium. Always leave a few inches around the bottom of cage cover so sir can circulate.


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