keeping african greys in same cage

by ismail
(south africa)

can you keep two hand reared african greys in same cage

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Jan 06, 2012
keeping african greys in same cage
by: Shannara


If the cage is large enough for them both to spread their wings

If they get along

Both of mine Harvey 5yr and Chastity 3yr stay in same night cage and same day play area perches

How I brought them together by first taking each to a aviary vet to make sure one was not sick and infect my flock,

I then put them in separate cages for a while bringing the cages closer day by day. This allowed each to see ME giving the other attention and learn it would be their turn next avoiding some of the "pet me envy" . Once I saw them side by side chatting with bars between, I began letting then out of cage at same time and then in play area together. ONLY when I felt safe did I put them into same NIGHT cage and then I stayed up listening the first night LoL.
I can just imagine the harm a AG could do to another if they did not get along!
Congrads on having 2 wonderful new feathered companions!

Jan 05, 2012
keeping african greys in same cage
by: Linda

It would be best to keep them in separate cages since you don't know who is male and who is female. The very last thing you want to do is breed a brother and sister because this is called inbreeding and will result in mental and physical problems for any young born to them.

So, get them both a nice roomy cage. Cages have to be large enough so the bird can fully spread and flap their wings and not hit the sides of cage or anything in the cage. This means, the larger the better for both birds with a nice playtop on each cage if possible.


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