kidney again

by rosa
(spain orihuela cost)

the vets that i have spoken to have said oh just kill the animal so now i am even more scared so could you advise me to another vet please i am bebbing i am on my hands and knees in front of the computer so please advise me a vet
from rosa

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Jun 23, 2009
thanks tracie
by: rosa

thanks for the adreses and numbers

Jun 22, 2009
Avian Vets in Spain
by: Tracie

Maria, please see if any of these vets are near you. If not, please call them and see if they can refer you to a vet in your area.

Please let us know how this turns out. You will be in our thoughts and prayers.

Dr. Angel Albert-Soriano
Clinic Name: Amazonia Veterinaria
Address: Francisco Alonso, 11 Bajo Izq
City/State: Elda, 03600
Phone: 966965011

Dr. Lorenzo Crosta
Clinic Name: Clinica Veterinaria Loro Parque
Address: Loro Parque - PRIVATE - C. Teide s/n
City/State: Puerto de la Cruz, 38400
Phone: 39-02-48009158

Dr. Roger Domingo Oll, DVM
Clinic Name: EXOTVET
Address: C/Pi i Margall 44
City/State: Sant Feliu de Llobregat, 08980
Phone: +0034 667 582 582

Liliana S. Monsalve, Veterinary Surgeon
Address: Badajoz 19
City/State: Pozuelo Alarc, Madrid 28223
Phone: 91 352 4424

Andres Montesinos, Licenciado en veterinaria
Clinic Name: Centro Veterinario Los Sauces
Address: Murillo n
City/State: Madrid, 28010
Phone: 00-34-914454305

Miguel A Quevedo-Munoz, DVM
Address: Urb. Parque Real, c/ Sadar 12
City/State: Jerez_Cadiz, 11405
Phone: 34 956187311

Jun 22, 2009
by: Linda

Rosa, you will need to get your telephone book out and find another Avian Vet in your area. I'm so very sorry and heartbroken that they are being so cold and callous with you! You have to find another vet in your area and have them take a look at your bird. Your sweet little bird may indeed need to be put to sleep. Sometimes kidney problems are so far advanced, there is nothing anyone can do to help the poor little things.

So, get your phone book out and look for another Avian vet or you may can find one by doing a Google Search on Avian Veterinarians in your immediate area. I hope your area is better than mine, because we have only two and only one of those is any good. Maybe the bird vet out here who sometimes answers questions could help you find another vet. We are all in so many different places it is hard to do.

I'm so sorry your little one is sick, and she must be in a great deal of pain. You need to work fast to find another vet so she can either be treated or humanely and painlessly put to sleep. All our hearts go out to you, and you both are in our prayers. Many blessings are being sent your way.Also, please try and be strong for your sweet bird as the more upset you become, the harder it makes it for her. I know this is a tough one, but now is not the time to fall apart. She is hurting so much, and wishes she could help you. You must help her now and do what you may have to do for her. It is ALL about her and her welfare now and not so much about you if you understand that. God Bless you both, and we are here when you need to talk.

Linda and Family

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