by rosa
(spain orihela costa)

A vet has told me that my parrots 1 kidney is bigger than it should be and i am scared so can you please advise me as well it is pushing on nervs so that makes it that she can not walk or fly

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Jun 22, 2009
Kidney problem in bird
by: The Vet

An enlarged kidney can certainly cause nerve damage and make your bird unable to walk, but it will not affect his ability to fly. Did your vet do any blood work or x-rays. If not, you need to have these diagnostic procedures performed to determine what is causing these problems in your bird.

Dr B

Jun 21, 2009
Enlarged Kidney
by: Linda

CALL THE VET THAT TOLD YOU THIS AND ASK WHAT THEY CAN OR CANNOT DO ABOUT IT. Ask what has caused this and how they arrived at this conclusion. Your bird MUST have some help with this or you at least need TO KNOW how they arrived at this conclusion and where you go from here.

Please call them first thing in the morning and go over test results and what your options are in this matter. My heart goes out to you and your sweet bird. I send you both many blessings and will keep you in prayers.

Don't forget to get back with vet as you need to know what treatment course they plan to take, and you need to know it RIGHT NOW!

Also, PLEASE STAY CALM WHEN TALKING TO VET. I am not calm at this moment, and don't want to transfer my upsetness to you and then to your bird. Very cooly and calmly call vet and discuss your bird's prognosis(what is wrong and possible outcome) and treatment plan. Sorry if my attitude has come through in this mail, I just feel they should have offered options at the time. Maybe they just had to "hit the books" for a while to see what treatment course to take.

Linda and Family

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