kids around parrots

why does my friends parrot fall off of its perch when ever my little girl walks up to its cage

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Feb 07, 2012
Kids & parrots
by: Anonymous

Your friends parrot, is probably getting spooked by your daughter. Kids are always moving, sometimes very quickly, and making noise.

Your child is most likely spooking the bird. It's suggested that if the bird is not used to kids bouncing about, that the child be prevented from getting close to the bird. As the fall can hurt the bird. Birds have hallow bones, and are fragile.

I have an ADHD child, & a 6 month old Grey. She's gotten used to his habbits, and bouncing about. He doesnt phase her. However, they live in the same household. Which makes the difference.

Your friends bird may never accept children, so rather then try to force the bird to accept her, keep her away from the bird's cage. Injury can be fatal, or result in a huge vet bill for someone.

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