Kill termites and wood ants, but safe for birds?

by Gina

We need to do something to kill the termites and wood ants in our house. What is safe to use? We are told we need to spray in the attic and outside, then dig a trench for more poison to prevent future problems.

Most companies say their stuff is safe and odorless. We thought it would be good to look for a company that uses something you suggest.

Thanks tons!

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Jul 26, 2016
Boric Acid recipe to kill ants but is safe for birds
by: Anonymous

I recently tried this recipe and have to say that it works very well! A few days after I soaked the cotton balls I began to notice fewer and fewer ants. I tried using cotton balls soaked with the solution placed inside a take-out container with holes cut out for the ants to enter/exit, but I never saw an ant go inside the container. I had also soaked a cotton ball and left it in a small dish on the counter near where the ants were entering the kitchen. Within two or three days, I think the entire colony came to feast on that cotton ball! It obviously worked because I haven't seen a single ant in about a week. I'm keeping some of the solution on hand and whenever I see an ant, I'm going to put out a new cotton ball soaked with the solution!

Oct 07, 2010
Kill termites and wood ants, but safe for birds?
by: Norma

ANTS, Do you have ants in your cages or boxes?

I found this recipe for ant problems, I have not tried it yet, so if any one tries it please let me know.
I know not where it came from but according to the print out it is supposed to be safe and works like a charm.

It is bait so you need to be patient and let it work.
You need a couple of old magarine tubs (with lids), cotton balls, sugar and boric acid.
Mix a cup of warm water with a cup of sugar, (it must be sweet!), and add 1 tablespoon of boric acid powder.
Puncture holes in the tubs, sides and lids. They must be large enough for the ants to come and go, (but not too large).
Soak cotton balls in this solution, and place in the tubs. Cover with the lid and tape it down, to stop it drying out.
Place your ant traps where the ants trail. Since the solution is sweet, the ants will eat it and take some of the cotton back to their mounds.
The boric acid is what is lethal, so it should take out the entire colony.

According to the print out, it does not take immediate effect, but after a few days you will see the ants disappear.

May 20, 2010
Orkin exterminating
by: Tammie

My mom uses Orkin and has for years. They just ask her to take the bird out of the room when they spray in there. The spray they use does not have an odor and is safe for animals to be around.

Her bird is healthy and has never been harmed. For termites, they dig a trench outside your house to put the poison in, so it certainly will not hurt your birds.

May 20, 2010
Killing termites and ants around birds
by: The Avian Vet

Provided your bird is not in direct contact with the poison and it is not sprayed in the air, your bird should be safe. If you detect an odor, then you need to move your bird out of the house until the odor is gone.

Dr B

May 20, 2010
Kill termites and wood ants, but safe for birds?
by: Linda

Hello and glad you wrote because, and read this carefully, THERE IS NO SAFE BUG SPRAY WITH BIRDS, DOGS, CATS AND FISH IN THE HOUSE!

Your birds and other pets will have to be boarded out somewhere while all the bug spraying is going on and at least a week afterwards. Your birds can die even if you use an under pressure spray can in the house much less poison spray.

You will have to find a vet or pet sitter who will take your birds into their places for a week or so until your home has been properly aired out, and I'm talking a week at least.

IF YOU EVER SPRAY ANY OF THIS POISON WITHOUT MOVING YOUR BIRDS AND OTHER PETS OUT OF HOME, THEY WILL ALL DIE HORRIBLE AND PAINFUL DEATHS, so find a place to board them until all this is taken care of. As for the trench outside, so long as the fumes do not enter house again, birds should be okay when they come back.Make sure ALL SURFACES THEY MAY COME INTO CONTACT WITH HAVE BEEN THOROUGHLY CLEANED of any pesticide residue. Make sure all food products are in airtight containers or completely out of house while spraying is going on and until ALL surfaces have been cleaned of residue. This includes your own food.



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