King parrot constantly eats

my king parrot is one and half years old and just constantly eats,have I got to worry about this. I was thinking it might have something to do with fact I have a conure.

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Mar 10, 2013
King parrot constantly eats
by: Linda

If your bird is VERY active, then he needs a lot of food. If he is not that active, then this is a problem. My older Amazons are fed once a day, and they eat on this until the next time they are fed 24 hours later. They also are eating organic Harrisons pellets which is a complete diet and highly recomended over all seed diets or junk pellets like ZuPreem and Lafaebers. If your bird has not been examined by an Avian Vet in over a year or if he has never been examined then it would be a good idea to have him checked out because this kind of eating is not normal if bird is eating a high quality diet. If he's eating all seed with or without fruit and veggies, then he's severely lacking in protein, vitamins and minerals because all seed diets are providing mostly carbs and fat which causes liver problems after a few years of eing fed this way.Feed NO human foods like eggs, cereal and such because a bird does not need these kinds of foods if he is on a balanced diet made for him. Also remember, birds will eat whatever they are given, so make sure you are not aiding and abetting his death by eating by feeding him all day long.

Below is a link about how to go about the change because it takes time to thoroughly change birds over to pellets, and I highly recommend Harrisons in the correct nugget size. Harrisons is found here along with a couple of other organic pellets. Make NO changes until your bird has had a comprehensive exam including basic bloodwork done. Bloodwork will find viral infection and also tell how organs are functioning.

Switching Birds To Pellets article

Let us know what Avian Vet has to say, and make sure birds goes to an avian vet only as they are the only ones licensed and trained to take care of your bird.


Mar 10, 2013
When there are sudden changes.....
by: Anonymous

Hi there, I have a conure and just recently got an Indian Ringneck. There were changes but eating was not one, growling and slamming her cage bell was the new thing. They are not together but in the same room. I make sure to give my Conure the same love and treatment as before and just work closely with my Indian Ringneck. They have calmed down but I don't put them near eachother in fear of my Conure attacking. She just watches everything very very closely. It is a big tease for a Family pet to see something new and loved in the house! It kind of hurts them.

Mar 10, 2013
King Parrot
by: Alex

Have you noticed any other changes in behaviour?

Is he a new parrot?

Is your conure new?

Do they fight over food?

is the King parrot putting on a lot of sudden weight?

Is the parrot female? Preparing to lay eggs?

I would suggest going to an avian vet who can examine your bird and run tests to find out why he is over eating.

Your parrot may be unwell.

Mar 09, 2013
Parrot constantly eating
by: Tracie

You don't have to worry about this if your parrot is eating high quality pellets like Harrison's or Roudybush for 80% of it's diet and 20% healthy treats. You measure out the amount of pellets the bird should eat for the day in the morning, then give the bird treats late in the day after it has eaten most or all of the pellets.

If you are just giving the bird food and allowing the bird to decide what food to eat and how much of each food to eat, then this is a problem. The bird is much like a 2 year old child that will pick out what it likes and just eat that. It will not have balanced nutrition and it will end up with health issues.

If you need help converting your bird to pellets, please read this Switching Birds To Pellets article written by an avian vet for help.

Again, if you are only providing what the bird should eat, it can NOT eat too much and it can't constantly eat because it will run out of food.

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