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Jun 29, 2009
by: Anonymous

Szia. Hogy vagy? I liked your story and your bird is very cute. I spent a great 6 months in Budapest on a scholarship but I live in Western Australia now. I've forgotten all my Hunagrian sadly, but I loved my time there.

My bird is very much in love with me too, much to my partner's despair. Squishy won't even let me talk on the phone, she gets so irate. As I type, she is on her back chewing my headphones, with her little spindly legs in the air. Sigh, I love her!

All the best, Szia

Jan 22, 2009
This Cockatiel story is sweet
by: Lynn

I just love this story!! I read it twice and now I am heading over to YouTube to watch your videos.

THANKS for making my day! I think I will get a Cockatiel now too.

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