lack of growth in wings.

by rahul
(vasai (east),Maharashtra)

my parrot has problem in his dsnt grow. i have not chipped his wings ever.then why dsnt it grow?

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Aug 01, 2011
lack of growth in wings
by: Linda

Birds molt twice a year, once when it is getting cooler and then again when it is getting warmer. Not sure of your climate there, but birds wings do not get new feathers until they molt and new ones come in.

If your bird has already molted several times, then this could be a physical issue, and you need to take bird to be examined by Avian Vet to make sure there are no infections or other physical issues here.

Diet is the most important aspect to healthy skin and feathers and that consists of organic pellets like those found here. If your bird eats only seeds even with the addition of fruit and veggies, then bird is slowly starving to death. Feathers will not be in good shape, and the feathers and skin are reflections of how the rest of the bird's body is suffering.

Find an Avian Vet by using the links here, or you can work with breeders in your area to find one. I suggest a trip to Avian Vet before starting any new diet.

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