laid 3 eggs unfertilized

by Dottie
(Louisa, VA)

my blue front amanzon laid 3 eggs. 1 on Thursday and 2 more while i was away for 4 days. she has been sitting on her food bowl ever since (almost 2 weeks)and isn't very active, talkative or playful. she is eating pellets and drinking water. she love nuts and banana chips. how do i get her back to normal. she is dropping in one spot and when she does go it's a lot. it's almost like she is holding it for a while before she goes. i take her out and put her on her playstand and the next thing i know she is back in her cage on her bowl. can you help me with this?

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Apr 22, 2009
Bird laying eggs
by: Tracie

I know it is shocking when your bird lays eggs the first time. You can attempt to get her out of the breeding/egg laying cycle by shortening her daytime hours to mimic winter.

Do not remove her eggs, she should eventually get bored with them and abandon them. It is normal for her to have large droppings because she is spending time sitting on the eggs.

I think the best thing for you to do is to read the articles we have on Chronic Egg Laying on our Parrot Training page.

Even though your bird is not a chronic egg layer, you will learn a lot about how to help her.

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