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My breeding parrots have laid 4 eggs 34 days ago.I have just left them alone to hatch but , I thought it was 30 days so they are now overdue.I dont really want to mess and check if the eggs are fertile because last time they laid eggs they ate them . I will be very disappointed if they are not fertile but how long do I need to wait .

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Oct 06, 2009
by: Linda

Since I don't know what kind of parrots you have, I can't tell you exactly, but 34 days is overdue for most all any of the parrots. The problem with leaving them in there much longer is that if birds eat some after cracking them, they can die from Albumin poisoning. If your birds have not already gotten sick from this, then you have been a very lucky person. Most birds die a fairly quick and painful death from being poisoned and once it is in the bloodstream, a vet will be of little help.

In future, "candle" eggs to see if they are fertile. You can do this using a bright light like a flashlight behind eggs and if you see a shadow in there, then they are fertile. If not, throw them away immediately. You can look up incubation times on the internet by doing a search on your species of parrots incubation time, and you will also learn a lot about breeding in general this way.

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