Laid eggs

I have red rump parrakeets in an indoor cage the hen has laid one egg that i can see at the moment the cock keeps going in the box and rolling the egg around,the hen is not sitting on the egg all the time is there a reason for this or is this normal?

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Mar 25, 2013
Laid eggs
by: Linda

No this is not normal, and if the male breaks the egg and eats the contents, he will be poisoned. To see if this egg is fertile or clear, take egg out of nestbox and hold it up to a bright light in back of it like a flashlight or candle flame. If you see a solid place in egg, it is fertile, and if you see nothing it is not. All infertile eggs have to be removed and thrown away for fear birds will eat them.Clear or infertile eggs are like chicken eggs left out of the refrigerator. If eaten these eggs will poison us, and the clear bird eggs work the same way. I lost a hen many years' ago because of this, and it is a slow, painful death that attacks the central nervous system. The bird had laid eggs in bottom of cage after nestbox and male were removed, and I took too long to remove them, and she paid a very high price for my bad timing.The eggs ferment quickly if not fertile, so take no chances and get rid of them if they are clear. If hen refuses to sit, they are most likely clear or she has other reasons for her behavior. Some commercial breeding facilities hatch eggs in incubators and handfeed the babies from hatching. These birds imprint on humans and DO NOT KNOW THEY ARE BIRDS. They never make good breeders because they have no idea what they are supposed to do with eggs or babies.These are the ones who may also cause problems with their human companions later on when they reach breeding age and attach themselves to opposite sex human in the family. It is a very detrimental practice and the facilities do it so they can make more money faster.It creates birds who are not birds nor are they humans and they live their lives in total confusion as to who and what they are.

Birds need to be eating high quality diet of organic pellets like Harrisons in the correct grind size which is listed along with info about Harrisons pellets. Below is article about how to go about change because it takes time. Also birds have to be examined and either cleared or diagnosed and treated for any problems BEFORE breeding or babies will be born with whatever infection the parents have and die shortly thereafter.

Switching Budgies To Pellets article

Once your birds are on a new high quality diet, it can take time for condition it takes for breeding successfully. All seed diets, nuts, junk pellets like ZuPreem and Lafaebers plushuman foods are NOT a correct diet for birds. They have to eat a diet without preservatives, dyes, sugars, pesticide/fertilizer residue which is where organic pellets come in.

Hope this helps and thanks for writing,

Mar 25, 2013
by: Alex

I take it they are first time parents.

You can remve the egg and hold it up against a light like a bright lamp and see if you can see anything inside.

If they are not sitting on the egg and a chick is inside it will die or may already be dead through lack of heat.

Others on here will be able to help better than I.

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