Lame Gallah

by Lesley

My Gallah is unable to put any weight on his left leg Sudden onset over 2 days. Not particularly swollen. Has seen a vet and given anti inflammatory medication -vet cannot find any damage to his leg and says it may be kidney failure. Could there be any other cause? No bloods or other investigations done yet. Have to take him back next week. Very worried.

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Jun 23, 2008
Lame Gallah
by: Lesley

My vet did not take an X-ray but did a thorougher examination particularly of his foot/leg etc. claw grip OK,(his nails have been clipped) and no pain on examination other than when he examined his internal organs. He plans to USscan him next week if there is no improvement.

He eats mainly a seed diet but we supplement this with fresh fruit and veg, but he does need some encouragement to take the latter, our fault I think!.

Jun 23, 2008
Lame Gallah Cockatoo
by: The Vet

Other things can cause lameness. Do you know the sex of your bird – for sure? Egg binding is one cause.

Bird feet are easily injured and foot injuries are very painful, and the pain can be significant for several days.

Did your veterinarian take any x-rays? X-rays can tell you if there is swelling around the kidney, or if there is a fracture of a leg bone, or some other bone injury, and even if there is arthritis in the joints.

What does your bird eat mostly. Is it a pellet diet. Harrison's pellets are the best. They contain a natural anti-inflammatory called omega fatty acids. This can help your bird be healthier, even though it may not directly affect his current problem.

Are your bird's nails too long? This is sometimes the cause for leg injuries.

Dr B

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