lap napping conure

by Jamie W

I have a green cheeked conure, I have had him for about a year in May,He will also be turning a year old in May. He spends alot of time with me and the kids,he has an open area where he can hang with us,he goes crazy for my 3 year old daughter. He screams for her attention,he follows her EVERYWHERE.Its like he's in love with her.He also seems to get very comfortable whenever he sits on my lap,he ends up falling asleep.I was just wandering,what do these actions mean?

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Apr 05, 2012
Lap Napping Conure
by: Anonymous

If your conure is napping when he is with you, it means he feels comfortable.

Birds retain allot of thier natural instincts they would have in the wild. A bird will never fall asleep in an area where he does not feel comfrotable.

Your bird obviously loves the excitement and attention from your daughter, and is someone to play with. However, if he's napping on your lap it means he sees you as his saftey, and is able to relax enough to fall asleep.

I doubt there is anything wrong with your bird. HOWEVER; It is important that your bird gets a wellness exam at least once a year.

As I said, A bird retains it's natural instincts, in the wild a sick bird is easy prey. So a sick bird will not always let you know when he is sick till he is moments from death. Birds are great pretenders when it comes to their health.

At any point you think something isn't right, get him to an avian vet asap. He should also have the wellness exam once a year to prevent illness, and death.

You want an Avian Vet, not the typical dog and cat vet. Avian vets do not cost any more then a dog and cat vet would. Fact I don't find my birds' personal vet to be expensive at all. Fact his prices are somewhat cheaper than the one I was taking my diabetic cat to.

Birds are unique, and a wide area of things could be wrong. Only an avian vet could properly diagnose a sick bird.

I think your little guy is fine, however he should have a wellness exam. As the bird needs to be physically seen by a vet for any proper diagnosis.

Hope this helps.

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