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large double stack breeder bird cage

Large Double Breeder Bird Cage
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SKU# 4030-2

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Non-Toxic Powder Coating and Bird Safe!


Double Stack Bird Cage 40"x30" with Key Locks

Non-Toxic and Bird Safe!

* Exterior Dimensions - 40" Wide x 30" Deep x 74" Tall
* Interior Dimensions - 40" Wide x 30" Deep x 35" Tall (each cage)
* Bar Spacing - 1"
* Bar Size - 4mm


* 2 Stainless Steel Bowls per Cage
* 1 Breeder Box door on each Cage
* 4 Industrial Strength Screw-in Casters
* 2 Slide Out Trays
* 2 Slide Out Grates
* 1 Perch per Cage
* 3 Locks on each Main Door of the Cage

1. Key Lock
2. Slide over Steel Latch
3. Safety Tab at Top Tab Corner

Great For:

* African Greys
* Timneh Greys
* Cockatoos
* Breeding Pairs
* Lg. Conures
* Eclectus
* Single Macaws for Boarding Use
* and other Medium Size Birds

Approx Weight: 175.00 lb. / Each
** Read UPS information below.
Dimensions (LxWxH): 40.00 x 30.00 x 72.00 in.

Information about UPS Freight and other freight companies

The things mentioned below apply no matter who you order a large cage from. Other companies just don't tell you about it.

* Any cage that weighs more than 125 pounds will come UPS Freight or another freight company. Below are the things you need to know.

* I will send you a UPS Pro number to track your cage. I also tell give you the web address where you can track it.

* UPS will call you to set up a delivery time either the day of, or the day before delivery. If you are not there at the time you agreed to, they will charge you a hefty re-delivery fee.

* The driver is not allowed to lift more than 150 lbs and will need help getting the cage off the truck, so you will need to either help the driver or have someone there that can. (The cage comes in more than one box and can be removed one box at a time. You don't have to unload the whole pallet at one time.)

* If you request a lift when they call to set up an appointment, they will charge you $125. (They are supposed to tell you this.)

* You may call 800-443-6379 to talk to UPS about your shipment if you would like.

* You need to make sure to check the shipment before the delivery person leaves. If there is any sign of damage, then you need to get the driver to note on the bill that the shipment is damaged.

If the damage is only slight, then the cage company will send out a replacement part if you have UPS note the damage before they leave. (You don't have to know what is damaged, just note that the box is damaged before the driver leaves.)

All delivery services have damaged shipments and I just want you to be prepared in case it happens to you.

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