Large yellow lump (perhaps his crop?)

by Liana Smith
(Perth Western Australia)

I shower my rose breasted cockatoo (pink and grey galah) twice every week to keep his feathers in good condition, today after I gave him his shower I noticed a large soft yellow lump where the neck joins the the chest (I did not notice before because I have not been able to wet his chest before). He is not even a year old yet and is tame and in good condition. The lump retracts when I touch it. Is this normal?

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May 03, 2013
by: Liana Smith

It turned out to be his crop, it was visible because he has just been weaned, thanks for the advice, as galahs are prone to getting fatty tumours (-:

May 03, 2013
Re: lump
by: Anonymous

Thankfully it was his crop, it was visible because he has only just been weaned. He is very healthy and is doing very well. Thanks for the advice tho, because galahs are prone to fatty tumors.(-:

Feb 18, 2013
Large yellow lump (perhaps his crop?)
by: Linda

No, this is not normal. The crop expands to hold food and the only time it's a lump is with a very young baby parrot being handfed. Even then, once they grow a bit, the crop is large when full and flat when empty which is when they have to be fed.The reaction you are feeling may be the bird's skin pulling when this area is touched as it may hurt him.

You will need to have your bird examined by an Avian Vet ONLY in your driving area to see what this is. Avian vet will examine the lump up to and including taking a small draw of what is in the lump. If it is not readily apparent what the lump is, like a fatty tumor from eating incorrectly, they will need to send to lab to find out what it is.

Please do not delay in finding an avian vet because birds have to be examined, diagnosed and treated by avian vets only because they are the only vets licensed and trained in the care of birds and other exotic animals.

Let us know what avian vet has to say when you have time and thanks for writing,

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