Laying eggs first time

by paula
(escalon, calif)

Hi My friend gave me her green cheeked conure a few months ago, we thought it was a boy she has had him for 7 years, apparently it is a girl the last week she has laid 2 eggs,what do i do she just lays them on bottom of cage, should i get her something to nest in? what has made her do this now at 7 years old? thank you for your help.

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Feb 16, 2011
Laying eggs first time
by: Linda

You will need to take eggs out and wash them regularly if you are going to leave them in cage floor. Salmonella poisoning is a high possibility with eggs on cage floor sitting in feces.

You can go another way here as well. You can do a search on internet for fake eggs the size of your bird's eggs, and leave them in there for her to sit on. I don't recommend the nestbox because there is no male to fertilize eggs, and bird breeding is far outweighed in cons than pros.

So, since she will probably lay more eggs when you take those away, find some fake eggs that she can sit on. ( )Make sure they are also washed daily to keep bacteria down and prevent Salmonella from growing on surface of even the fake eggs.She will eventually stop doing this. She is just now at breeding age, so this is natural for her to be laying a few eggs.


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