laying eggs

by Candy

WE have a female sun conure that lays an awful lot of eggs. Back in June she layed about 7 and now shes laying again and on her 5th one. This time I'm worried about her. She is moving very slow and not active. She just hangs on the side of the cage kind of hanging on with her beak. She looks all 'ruffled' and unkempt, but she is eating alot! and drinks water. The nearest bird vet is about 70 miles away and said they were booked up for a couple of weeks. I'm worried about her.

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Oct 01, 2011
Bird looking sick
by: Tracie

Please Find an Avian Vet that doesn't tell you they can't take a sick bird. A good vet will NEVER tell you they don't have an appointment for a sick bird. They may be booked for well checkups, but not for bird emergencies.

Dr B can not help, because he would need to examine your bird. Your bird might be dead by the time he even gets around to answering your question.

Please read his Chronic Egg Laying article for more information about birds that lay eggs often.

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