laying multiple unfertilized eggs

by Kathy
(Mpls, MN)

We hasve a Jenday Conure who has been laying eggs. She came from a home with many birds and is now alone. For the first 5-6 months she was so personable and interacting with us. Then she started laying eggs, 6 of them at first. We read it was necessary to remove the eggs right away, so we did. Then she laid one an we'd remove it - however she has laid 6 eggs, one at a time we remove them, and in a day or two another egg appears. What can we do? (for both her health, and to stop the egg laying)

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Feb 15, 2013
laying multiple unfertilized eggs
by: Linda

This was discussed in another letter. You will have to buy fake eggs for your bird species. Do an internet search or call a local avian vet or bird shop to find out where you can find these. They can be substituted for the real eggs. Take out a real egg and put in the fake one. Do this with all the eggs as laid, and bird will think she has a clutch of eggs to hatch. Make sure eggs are kept clean by washing everyday in warm water with a bird safe cleaner, not bleach or other harsh chemicals, because if she's laying in bottom of cage, they will be dirty a lot.

Give this a chance to work because she is ruining her body laying so many eggs. Laying eggs is very physically demanding and takes a lot out of birds.

Let us know how fake eggs work. If this does not help, an exam with an Avian Vet will be necessary, and try this first.


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