learning to talk

by roy angier
(sri lanka)

i have a 1 year old electus female parrot,she is saying a few words.How many years does a parot stop learning new words(especially an electus parrot)

Thankyou, Roy Angier.

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Jul 12, 2010
talking parrot.
by: ROY

Thankyou Linda for answering my question.I will continue to say new words & phrases to her.

Jul 11, 2010
Eclectus parrots talking SPECIFICALLY
by: Anonymous

The eclectus can learn to talk anywhere from 6 months old to 1.5 years. Generally between about 8 & 12 months old they're 'closet talkers' & mumblers. The eclectus is keen to learn to speak & imitate what you say but shy to do it on front of you, so they talk when they think you're not around to hear them. Up to the age of 1 year they are encouraged words & phrases by their owners. The eclectus is an observer. They sit, watch & listen carefully to what you say & how you act in every day life. By the time they reach 1 year old they're capable of teaching themselves to speak, learn new words, phrases & start to put meaning to what they say & before you know it, you will find yourself having a conversation with them!

Although these time frames for learning are average for the eclectus, it doesn't mean it will happen with all of them. Some learn much faster while others learn slower, but there is know eclectus that isn't capable of this at some stage.

To learn more about eclectus parrots specifically you can visit this eclectus parrot website:

Jul 10, 2010
learning to talk
by: Linda

Your bird can learn new words until she is too old to hear. Some birds have a large vocabulary during their lifetimes, and some have a few favorite words or phrases they like and don't add much to that. Most parrots fall into the category where they continue learning new words, phrases and sounds they like. Birds like words, phrases and other sounds, like music, that has some emotion linked to it, like a musical piece that is especially moving or uplifting. They also learn to say things we like to say that are happy and said with some emotion. Regular conversations between humans are heard as blah, blah, blah, and you may even hear some of that. I hear my Amazon in there doing the blah, blah thing which sounds an awful lot like some of my VERY IMPORTANT conversations (ha! ha!). Birds usually put us in our places without too much effort. It is fun and sometimes perplexing being owned by a parrot, and I would not change it for anything. Continue to enjoy your bird for all her special qualities. Talking is just one quality, and birds possess so much more.They are kind of like humans, only much, much better people!!!!

Thanks for writing and for loving your bird.


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