Leave eggs or take them away?

by Tracie

Recently Dr B helped a breeder with this question. The concern has been that if people leave unfertilized eggs in the nest, the birds may crack and eat them and die of Albumin poisoning.

The breeder wrote Dr B and explained that her birds ate a cracked egg that fell to the bottom of the cage and died. Below is Dr B's response....

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Jan 11, 2011
Throw away eggs if not fertile?
by: The Avian Vet

I agree that salmonella infection is possible, and very likely if the eggs were infected, broken, and then eaten. This I agree with 100%. However, the risk of health problems is far greater from removing the eggs than leaving them there.

Removing the eggs will stimulate more to me lain, causing the potential for egg binding. If one is afraid that the eggs are infected or can become infected, then wait a few days (3-4) until the laying has ceased, take the eggs, and boil them then give them back for her to continue sitting on them.

Please do not tell people to remove eggs. This will cause the death of many more birds than the slight possibility of one of the eggs becoming infected and the bird eating it.

I have been raising and caring for birds for 32 years and this is the first case I have encountered of this happening, so it is rare, but I have treated hundreds of egg bound birds. The one way to prevent egg binding is to feed pellets, but eggs still should not be removed.

Harrison's is the best pellet diet to feed birds.

Dr B

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