Leaving for College

I just got my baby, Petey, a Senegal Parrot from the place I worked. He loves me but he's getting more used to my family every day...I leave for college in September 2008 and I can't bring him.

I'm nervous he won't remember me, or he'll be depressed when I leave, or he'll hate me when I get back. Are any of these true?

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Feb 19, 2008
I don't think so ;-)
by: Stine

If you're leaving for a long time, he might remember you less, But I don't think he will forget you! If he loves you, then he does! He will maybe not be that "in love" with you when you come back, but you can work with that ;-)
I think you should find someone in your family that know him well, and than he/she/them can take care of him, make love to him and learn him new things. Than his not alone and you don't have to worry. when you come back, he will be your's and you to can have some real fun ;-)
- don't worry, be happy :-) Hugs!!!

Feb 01, 2008
Leaving for college.
by: Win

I agree with Tracie..

Jan 23, 2008
Leaving bird behind
by: Tracie


I am curious why you purchased a bird knowing you would be leaving it, but I guess that is beside the point now.

Please encourage your family to develop a good relationship with Petey. If they are not interested in taking care of Petey until you can care for him again, then it would be best for the bird to go to a home where people will spend time with him.

If Petey doesn't get companion attention, then he will become a very unhappy bird and it is likely that he will not be happy with you just coming home on holidays.

Yes, it is possible that he will be depressed, if you are the only one who spends one on one time with him and then you suddenly disappear.

Yes, he might not like you when you return, but you can work at getting his favor again. Sometimes you don't even have to leave home for a bird to decide to switch it's affection to another person in the house.

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