Leaving my greencheek alone for a few days

We have a 5 month old greencheek conure that is used to being held frequently throughout the day. We need to go out of town for about 4 days. Is it ok to leave her with the radio on and plenty of food and water in her cage?

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Apr 06, 2015
Don't leave yOur bird alone
by: Anonymous

NO it's not recommended to leave hour bird for that long
I won't even leave our GCC for 1 night
They need human interaction every single day
And for some god awful reason an emergency happens no one is there
Take bird to friend or have Someone pop in and care for the bird

Don't own a bird if leaving them for extended days is your only option
This makes me so sad to see people do leave there parrots home for nights on end all alone 15 days is WAYY to long

Would you leave your dog in the house for 15 days?

Nov 12, 2009
Nothing to worry about
by: Anonymous

Honestly, I think it's fine. Just make sure to get a water bottle and strap it to the cage with your own zip straps (not the strap that comes with the bottle). Leave a few bowls of food in the cage and your bird will be fine for 4-days. I have left my Senegal parrot alone for 15-days and was extremely worried but when I got home he was fine. I wouldn't do 15-days again but at the time I had absolutely no option. No relatives or friends who could keep him and definetly no petsitting money. I really believe that 4-days is nothing.

Aug 06, 2009
by: Anonymous

I would never leave my birds alone. If there was any emergency no one would be there. At the very least I think you should have someone come in and check on your bird daily. If there was illness or your bird broke a bloodfeather, the results could be disastetrous. ANd many bird poop in their water. How can you be sure it would remain drinkable? Birds need fresh food and water at least once daily. I know my birds will not eat food that has sat for 24 hours either. Good luck in what you decide, but I would be extremely uncomfortable leaving any of my birds in this position.

Aug 06, 2009
Leaving Alone
by: Linda

No, it is not okay to leave her alone for that long. If you have friends or family members who could take her for a few days that would be much better. These friends or family members need to know how to work with parrots as she will still want to be taken out of cage and given attention. Hopefully, you will be able to find someone. There are also people who do "pet sitting", and you can usually find them through your Avian vet's office. Call them and ask about a pet sitter if you can't find the appropriate person in friends and family. Just tell them your plans and that you need a person who can handle birds. You will need to sign a release, so they could take her to the vet if it became necessary. This is true for friends and family as well. They need to have a short statement signed by you that in case of emergency, they can take your bird to the Avian vet. Put your Avian vet's number and address on this release form as well. If you do not do this, the vet WILL NOT treat your bird if they bring her into office.

The reason it is NOT okay to leave this baby alone for that long is many-faceted. First, she could get injured in many different ways, and if she is alone could die. She could also get sick, and the same thing could happen. The fact that she is given love and attention everyday means if you leave her all alone for 4 days, you have broken the trust she has placed in you, and you may not get that trust back anytime soon. You will, in her eyes, be abandoning her without help available if she needs it.

It is a dangerous thing to leave birds or dogs and cats for that matter alone for that long a time. Just too much can happen in 4 days.


Aug 06, 2009
Leaving baby home alone
by: Ros

I really wouldn't do that. It would be so cruel for your baby. Imagine being that age (in people years and emotionally and mentally) and being abandoned by the only people you have. We left our 10 month old home with my adult daughter giving her love and house sitting. Our bird was very time consuming and needy and wouldn't leave my daughter alone. I can only imagine how sad and scared and devastated she would have been with noone here to interact with. Please find a house sitter or another solution.

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