left home most of day

by gillian
(liverpool uk)

im interested in buying a conure but it will be oN its own most of the day. I'm worried the bird might not be unsuitable to be left for long periods. Also I haven't got the room for a massive cage. Would a cokateel cage be suited.

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Apr 10, 2015
by: Alex (UK)

Might I suggest due to restrictions of space and loneliness of the bird, that you look in to getting a couple of budgies.

I have budgies, and they are small, and not as noisy as larger birds.

They are scatter feeders, so are messy, but nothing a broom or vacuum can't handle within 2 minutes.

Thank you for caring enough to seek advice from other pets.

(The birds own us, so we are essentially their pets.)


If you require further advice, don't hesitate to post back.

Kind Regards


Proud to be owned by one lovely American / Australian budgie and one larger English budgie.

Apr 10, 2015
Leaving conure home all day
by: Tracie

Thanks for caring enough to ask about this! We all have opinions, so this is mine...

Yes, IF you are willing to spend the next 20+ years giving the bird a ton of attention when you are home, because YOU will be it's flock and they need a flock to emotionally survive.

Conures can be very, very loud, especially when they feel they need attention. We had a conure that was so much fun, but we could hear the bird on the other end of a long farm house with 4 doors closed in between us and the bird.

Any bird that can talk, can be loud. As a general rule, the bigger the bird, the bigger the sound and the bigger the bite.

I am not trying to discourage you, just wanting keep another bird from being rehomed. I suggest you spend time at a breeders hearing how the birds sound, what a big mess they make (can squirt poop and pee a foot outside the cage) etc.

For many bird owners, they are totally worth it. Some people get birds for the idea of cuddling them and admiring them, not realizing the commitment for so many year, the noise, the biting, and the mess.

If you want pretty birds, then get more than one bird so they can bond with each other instead of being dependent on you. You WILL have double the mess, double the noise and have to know who is going to care for them when you leave town or if you pass away in the next 20+ years.

Blessings to you!

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