Leg Band

by Jamie
(Parker, CO)

Our 12 week old Hahns macaw removed his leg band. We cannot find it. Is he required to wear a leg band? What are the implications if we don't have a band for him?

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Aug 25, 2011
Leg Band
by: Linda

As far as I'm concerned leg bands are worthless. They are used by breeders so they can keep records of dates of hatchings and such.

There is only one state I know of that confiscates unbanded birds and that is New York. In NY, or at least a few years ago in NY, if a parrot was not banded, they came in took the bird and killed it trying to stop so many illegal birds coming into the country.

Check with your local Federal branch of the Department of Fish and Wildlife in your state and see if they have any such laws. These laws are usually in places with accsss to ports of call because illegal birds and other animals, including human slaves, are brought in in containers on ships.

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