Lethargic 13 year-old parrotlet

by Howard
(Orlando, FL)

We have a 13 year-old parrotlet with an enlarged liver as seen on an x-ray. Our vet or we are not willing to get more invasive to find out the cause, so he has her on a 2 dose/day of milk thistle. She is not showing a lot of improvement but is still eating and drinking, and I was wondering if a few doses of Aloe Detox would be recommended. I read about it on the web relating to someone who got major results with their bird's fatty liver disease.

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Jun 17, 2010
Lethargic 13 year-old parrotlet
by: Linda

If you cannot to take this any further with the vet, PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT GIVE HER ANY HOME REMEDIES AS THEY MAY KILL HER. What worked for one bird may kill yours because fatty liver disease has many different stages, and in the final stages, any kind of supplement or experimental over the counter stuff will be detrimental to bird's already compromised liver.What the Avian vet gave you will have a soothing effect which is why he gave it to you. Stick with what he offers and leave everything else alone.

The cause of fatty liver disease is poor diet for many years. If she is STILL eating an all seed diet and/or people food, then this is the cause. It's never too late to change diet, but in this case, it may or may not do any good. If she continues eating an all seed diet, she will die for sure which she may anyway. She's also quite old, so keeping her comfortable may be your only option with this bird.

All seed diets are lacking in basic nutrition and are loaded with fat. Even the basic proteins are not supplied not to mention vitamins and minerals. Birds in the wild eat a varied diet with seeds only a part of the diet. It does no good to give vitamins as birds have a hard time assimilating synthetic vitamins just like humans.

A parrot's main diet needs to be organic pellets which Tracie carries out here. Fruits and veggies are only 10-15% of the overall diet, and dry seeds are not necessary or recommended for the parrots. ALSO NO PEOPLE FOOD EVER FOR ANY REASON. Tracie carries several kinds of the organics here, and we highly recommend Harrisons as it is Avian Vet endorsed plus I've used it for going on 18 years with my Amazons, and they are healthy as cabbages.

The reason for organic pellets is that the other kinds are full of dyes, preservatives and pesticide/fertilizer residue which are all detrimental to a bird's health.

You can sprout any seeds that are still fresh, and can find information about how to sprout on the internet. It has to be done correctly and in the time frame recommended to keep from growing mold in the sprouts. The seed sprouts are an excellent source of rich protein without the fat, plus the bird's are also getting natural vitamins with them. Most birds take to them readily. They DO NOT STORE WELL, so a fresh batch needs to be available every 24-48 hours and any leftovers thrown out.

Thanks for writing, and with your next bird, follow the above basic, simple guidelines, and your bird will have a more healthy, happy, longer life with you.


Jun 17, 2010
Parrotlet liver problems
by: Tracie

I do not recommend this product. I also do not recommend shotgun treatments when there is no diagnosis. Enlarged liver is not a disease, it is a symptom of a disease. Have you had any blood work done? What were the results? What is your bird?s primary diet? Does it contain a balance of omega fatty acids? What is the formulation of the milk thistle? Not all are the same; some are good quality and some are useless. What is the milk thistle mixed in? I recommend that you have blood work done to get at least some more information to go on. Is your bird showing any other symptoms of illness? Like weight loss, not eating, lethargy, etc.?

Dr B

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