Lilac crowned amazon parrot

My Lilac Crowned Amazon Parrot Sits LOW On His Stick in His Cage And Shakes His Wings A Little And Tail But not Sure What He's Doing.

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Apr 23, 2012
Lilac Crown Amazaon Parrot
by: Anonymous

That is normal behavior for a bird.

Amazons, like greys, are feather down birds. Meaning they have dander. The under lying feathers underneath will break down and turn to powder, causing "dander".

Since amazons and greys come from the rain forrests, they need those extra featehrs to help them fly in the rain.

What you're discribing is typical behavior, it's them trying to release the dander and shake it off.

You will need to make sure once a day that you're giving the cage or play areas a quick wipe down with a wash cloth and warm water. This will prevent dander dust from building up in the cage, and causing you allergies, and preventing the bird from getting sick.

Your bird may do this a couple times a day.

However, if the bird stoops on his perch, and stays fluffed, or does this behavior all day long, chances are he's become very sick or over stressed.

Keep an eye on his eating and watch his behavior closely. Observe his droppings, and change papers each day. This will help determine if the bird is sick, or if he's in good health. A bird that stays fluffed up, and stooping all the time and not eating (not eating means no droppings, or abnormal droppings) that he's sick.

However, I dont feel that your bird is sick that this is normal bird behavior from what info your giving. Which isn't much.

I do however recommend an avian vet. Only an avian vet can properly diagnose your bird by an exam, and blood work. Your bird should see a vet at least once a year for a wellness exam.

I highly recommend this, as it's not typical that a bird will tell you when he is sick. A sick bird in the wild is easy prey. So they will pretend to be healthy as best they can, until they fall over dead. So you need to keep an eye on his normal behavior, so when he acts slightly out of sorts you know when to get him in to be seen right away before losing him.

Hope this helps. GL

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