This is Dee’s Lineolated Parakeet pictures and story.

She thinks Lineolated Parakeets are like big parrots in little bodies, just easier to care for.

Lineolated Parakeet, Indy Blue Lineolated Parakeet
Indy Eating Indy Playing
 Blue Lineolated Parakeet  Blue Lineolated Parakeet Babies
Indy Hiding Lineolated Babies

Indy (short for Indiana Jones and/or Little Mr. Independent, also for indian ink, sort of his color), is an independent little guy. He loves to fly around the lanai when we have the birds outside in the afternoon.

He is so sweet, but he gets ornery when he is tired. He will let you know he's tired by a loud call and fussing at you until you put him to bed, should you dare to miss his bedtime. LOL'!

We feed him a good quality seed, millet, and a veggie/corn/pasta/bean mash that I make (my own recipe, I call it Mom's Mash). I don't feed pellets. I’ve tried several kinds, including Harrisons, but none of my fids would eat it.

He also gets fresh sprouts a couple times a week, and birdie bread that I make. I add flaxseed meal to a cornmeal base, and baby foods like turkey/veggie dinner. It's a way of getting extra nutrition in my picky eaters; they all love the birdie bread.

Lineolated Parakeets are really not parakeets, as they have a fan like tail, and they hold their food in their foot sometimes to eat. It's kind of a misnomer, but it stuck, and that's how they are known.

There is another sub species of Lineolated Parakeets, they are darker green, but otherwise the same. There are many mutations now, slate (mauve), aquamarine (turquoise), cobalt blue, lutino (bright yellow), olive (dark green), and creamino (pale cream). As you know, the nominate color is an emerald green, or in the sub species a darker green. They are from Central America and live in the canopies, sort of like the Amazon Parrots.

My husband said, "I wish we had known about these guys before we got all the others. They are like big parrots in tiny bodies, much easier to take care of."

They really love their showers, and will actually almost roll over onto their backs to get completely wet. I make sure he is on a towel, so he can hold on well with one foot.

I will say this, Indy is a great talker, and my favorite is when I serve him his warm mash. He say's “ummm yummy”! lol! Unfortunately, he is also a great mimic. He has learned to mimic my bigger parrots and has a very loud, persistent yell he does now that sounds suspiciously like my Amazon's or my Cockatoo's call! lol!

Don't get me started, we love this little guy, all 6 inches of him!


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