littel jasper

by vanya

ok so i moved from tennessee to virgina and for my moving present i wanted to get a bird not just any bird a budgie my parents agreed and we went to the pet store to get me a bird so we saw the budgies and i saw one the was bulliying the other budgies and she was in control so i decided to get her so my dad bought her and we took her home at first she was wild and crazy so to tame her i had to get a sock and put it on my hand and pick her up with that so to tame her i just held her in my sock and she bit and sqauked but the cool thing is it only took me three weeks for her to trust me and i was suprised and i love my littel baby

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Apr 01, 2010
littel jasper
by: Linda

Your story is very sweet, and congratulations on having your new littel jasper!

Most birds from pet stores are sick from being moved around, strange new foods, and stress. It would be a great idea to find an Avian (bird) vet in your area and have Jasper checked out for infections and/or parasites inside and out. All new birds need to be seen by an Avian vet to make sure they are not harboring any infections from all the stress they have had to deal with. You can find an Avian vet in the phone book, and Tracie also has a link on her Find an Avian Vet page to help you in finding one. Regular dog and cat vets are not licensed or trained to care for birds and can make birds MORE sick than they were, so always take Jasper to an Avian Vet.

Once she's been checked by an Avian vet and either given a clean bill of health or given proper medicine to cure any infections, you'll have that much more with her.

Thanks for writing as we love to hear great stories about people and their birds!!!


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