Little Corella with lump on eye-ring.


Hi, My Little Corella has a lump near her eye. It is ovoid in shape and appears to be under the skin, rather than a growth above. The skin covering the lump is not discoloured and appears to move freely above it (ie, the lump is not attached to the skin.) She has had this for quite some time and is approximately 8 years old. It does not appear to be growing, moving or hampering her in any way. Would you have any idea what it could be?


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Jun 03, 2009
Bird with lump
by: The Vet

No, not without looking at it. It could be a cyst, a fatty tumor, a scar from an injury, or many other possibilities. I recommend that you have it looked at by an avian veterinarian.

Dr B

May 31, 2009
by: Linda

It would be a great idea to take bird to avian vet and see what this is. It can be many things including a tumor or just a fatty deposit. My Amazon, Eli, had one in the same place and same size and shape. I took him in, and vet took a draw from inside of lump and said it was a fatty tissue deposit from being too fat all over. If you are feeding an all seed diet and/or fatty treats as well, it is time to get your bird on a healthy diet to help with weight control. Harrison's pellets and birdy breads are all organic, and it takes a little time to change a seedeater over to them.Eli's lump went away on its own after I stopped overfeeding him his Harrison's pellets and snacks.

First, take your bird into vet as soon as possible to get a proper diagnosis as this can also be a tumor. Vet will draw some fluid or tissue out with a very small needle, put in under microscope and can tell more about what it is.

Let us know what they find.


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