Little Fluffy Feather on chest

I have two quakers in the same cage. They both seem to get along fine, however, one of them has a little bald spot on his chest. I have seen fluffy feathers in the cage.
The other quaker looks ok.
What can this be?

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Apr 18, 2010
Little Fluffy Feather on chest
by: Linda

Either the other bird is plucking him, or HE is plucking himself. The best idea would be to separate them for a while and see what happens. If down feathers are still in cage in large quantities, then he is plucking himself. I have a pair of Amazons, and they are a bonded, mated pair, but have to have a divider between them because she plucks his feathers.They have never fought, she just pulls his feathers out.

A bald spot is NOT part of any normal molt, so you need to get to the bottom on it. I'd also suggest a trip to the Avian Vet for both birds to make sure they are not having physical problems. Sometimes, if one is sick or weak in some way, the other will try and hurt it all the way to killing it. Our male Amazon is smaller than his mate, and has always been a more delicate bird, so I think she feels the need to "get rid of him" because in the wild a sick, weak or otherwise physically challenged bird draws predators and is either driven away from flock or killed. He lost two toes some years ago so is slower than she, and we keep them separated in a large Macaw cage with divider in the middle.

Diet can also have a lot to do with feather/skin quality and plucking, so hopefully, you've already changed them over to an organic, high quality pelleted diet. Tracie carries several out here and get one of the organic ones as the others are a mix of dye for color, sugar, pesticide/fertilizer residue and preservatives all of which cause a toxcicity problem in the birds.

So, take both to Avian Vet BEFORE changing their diet, separate them into two cages side by side. Watch them when out of cages and get them on a nutritous diet. It takes about a year of good feeding to see results as birds are slow to go down and even slower to come back up to optimum health. A low grade infection will keep them in the low realm no matter what is being fed, so make sure they are physically fit.

Thanks for writing and let us know what happens.


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