Little green bird with yellow chest

by Nikki

Hi can you tell me what species this bird is and what food should I feed him?At the moment he eats sees..and have tried feeding him fruit but he doesnt eat them.He also makes lots of noise in morning.Please tell me how to keep this bird happy.This bird is green,small with yellow chest and orange head..bit bluish at back tail.

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Feb 11, 2009
Re: Bird
by: Rev. Claudia Barber

Looks like a Fischer's Lovebird to me. Mine likes Cockatiel seeds, sprouted seeds, veggies, especially broccoli and lettuce, and some fruits. She also eats some whole grains and pellets. They are adorable birds. I love mine!

Feb 10, 2009
Your bird
by: Anonymous

That is a lovebird. He needs fruits, veggies, seed and nut and small pellet.

He is adorable..

Feb 09, 2009
Possibly a Fischer's Lovebird?
by: Tracie

I am not familiar with what kind of birds are wild where you live, but it might be a Fischer's Lovebird?

Below are a couple of links:

Lovebird information and care

Wiki Fischer's Lovebirds

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