liver dease using milk thisle

by birdlover
(ca )

budgie with liver dease and milk thisle , she weighs 25 grams and has been seen by a top avain vet in ca , however knowing that she will have this problem again and again how much milk thisle can i give her daily , im giving her 0.07 right now that was the dose of the other meds she had, want to make sure we are doing more this time for her thank you

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May 11, 2009
Milk thistle for birds
by: The Vet

The dose depends on the concentration of the milk thistle and the quality of the milk thistle. I do not know this information and cannot give an accurate amount to administer. You need to talk to your avian veterinarian in California for this information.

Dr B

May 10, 2009
Use Nothing not Prescribed by Avian Vet
by: Anonymous

Please, please don't give her anything else except what the vet has authorized for her to have. It is very important that you not overload her liver, and the milk thistle just may do it. If the vet told you to use that, then ask them how much is safe. If your bird's liver is diseased, it is important that you feed a very healthy diet, and I recommend Harrison's which is sold out here or keep her on what vet has recommended. Also feed no table food or other high-fat treats.

The long and short of liver disease is that the afflicted patient will eventually die, and you want to do everything possible to prolong your bird's quality of life.

Take your Avian Vet's advice ONLY, and do not use any herbs unless they are prescribed by a vet, and then use them ONLY as directed by the vet. You will only make matters worse by trying to increase meds, and this will work against your bird's liver, believe me.

Best of Everything and Many Blessings to Your Little Bird,

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